Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Barometer for Tired

See Beautiful will be seeing beautiful through the end of the month while traveling (in person) through various countries. During that time, we're going back in time on the blog, back to the beginning and some of our favorite posts that our wonderful following now likely didn't get to experience. P.S., Blogger family, if we seem absent from visiting you know we'll be back soon to catch up!

Ask any new mom to tell you how much sleep she gets a night, and she'll give you a new barometer with which you should gauge your own levels of sleep deprivation. One infant brings sleepless nights. Four infants bring delirium. Where can you find beauty in sleep deprivation? Watch and see:

So the next time you're feeling a little sleep deprived, visit this video and share a chuckle. There's beauty in a lack of sleep: Your ability to giggle with others increases significantly.
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  1. And now that I'm retired, I get to take an afternoon nap!  

  2. Wow, yes, 4 puts 1 in perspective!


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