Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Thumbs Up!

See Beautiful will be seeing beautiful through the end of the month while traveling (in person) through various countries. During that time, we're going back in time on the blog, back to the beginning and some of our favorite posts that our wonderful following now likely didn't get to experience. P.S., Blogger family, if we seem absent from visiting you know we'll be back soon to catch up!

6.8.11 - Practice Makes Perfect 

You might not remember how you felt when you took your first steps, lost your first tooth, or enjoyed your first bike ride without the support of training wheels or a guardian's steady hand. Luckily, this family caught the way their child was feeling after he'd pedaled his first rotations independently. We see beautiful. Do you?

See Beautiful™ Lessons Learned:
  • We owe it to ourselves to celebrate our accomplishments.
  • Celebrating with others is even more fun.
  • Children know how to celebrate best.
  • Believing in yourself is fun. 
  • Keep practicing. You can do it!
Perhaps this child inspires you to "feel happy of yourself" today. Just keep practicing. You'll get the hang of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. I'm celebrating today.  For today I SWAM!!  I mean really swam, no paws touching the bottom, all four paws paddling away.  MOM was a little nervous at first as I went in the deep end of the river and the water started to carry me away, but I just started paddling and I did it!!  And I did not fall in, I went in on my own.  As I began to swim, all on my own, and after a few tense moments from MOM she started to cheer and boy was she proud of me.


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