Monday, July 16, 2012

A Yogi, An Artist, A Healer

See Beautiful Woman of the Month: Tanja Zaninovic

Tajna Zaninovic is beautiful. When Tajna submitted her story to us we could feel the calmness and kindness and beauty radiating from her words. Something about her writing begs to you take a deep breath and simply reflect. Her life's work to heal and grow and inspire is beautiful.  Her writing reflects invitations to others to embrace themselves within each day and find the beauty in it. We love that. We admire her. And we're happy to feature her as our See Beautiful Woman of the Month for July!

By Tajna Zaninovic

I am a yogi, artist, and healer from Hawai'i.

I hope to share the divine Liberation of Yoga with women. I meet so many women with self doubt, fear, worries, and loathing towards themselves who seem to question their validity and reasons for life. I too questioned this myself for a long time. Ten years ago I took my first yoga class and it opened me tremendously. Five years ago I came back to yoga, on a regular basis. Since then, I have been a firm Yogi, devoted to yoga and its amazing transformative and unionizing aspects on the whole being, brain and body.

Last year my niece was born, the next day my grandfather died, and within the same year I permanently ended my university studies. At times I was seriously contemplating suicide, but I would get up, get on my yoga mat, and do my asana. It didn't matter how many times I cried,or how many times I collapsed into child's pose on that mat. Yoga was the unquestionable reason for my fortitude and strength, and I kept going, kept living, kept my pranayama (breath) through many difficult times. A friend left a flier on my doorstep about a yoga teacher training course, and something in my Being told me that I was intended to go there no matter what. Nothing would stand in my way, as long as I trusted and put faith in the Creator and the Universe.

Daily I go running in nature and I offer my prayers and thanks to the Creator and the Universe. I know All are listening. Here I am nearly a year later, preparing for a beautiful yoga teacher training course starting next month. I have not enough words for my gratitude, towards the Creator, the Universe, my family and friends, and especially the very supportive director of the program, Allowah Lani.

Most of all, I am grateful for existing, and for all Beings, for we are all Love, we are all One, and through showing Love towards all,we are united. My goal through my training is to start a private yoga instructor business, LivingAum, in which I shall tailor yoga sessions for each student, based on her/his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Each woman is beautiful and unique and deserves her own special practice and time. I devote my life to the spreading of yoga, encouraging all women to embrace their beauties and to let go of any negativity about themselves or in themselves.

Namaste and Aloha,
Tajna Zaninovic

Connect with Tajna's kind hope for all to remember what's important in this life HERE
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  1. Wow.  What a beautiful message and beautiful woman.  Thank you for sharing.  

  2. At first I thought you were talking about a bear, you know YOGI BEAR and because he is an ARTIST cuz he is in CARTOONS.  And you know he must be a HEALER cuz he has a friend named BOO BOO.  But this is even better.  Tajna is indeed beautful.

  3. This year, I plan on finding a yoga class to embrace...:)JP

  4. What a beautiful woman and story. Such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great profile, so glad Tajna found her passion that has made her life so much better.


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