Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jingle those Bells

For some it's easy (or necessary) to discard items that are cracked or broken or worn, but some items get better with age. Case in point: The longer you own sweatpants and t-shirts, the softer they become. Wine only gets better with age. And in this case, it's the cracks in the bells that let the light in.

When applied to our own lives, a quick reflection on experience offers important perspective. The longer we're around the softer and kinder we do become. Like wine, we believe we keep getting better with age -shoot the more time we have the more beautiful we can see and create. And like a cracked bell, it's those "cracks" in our life that allowed us to be more understanding of the world, inviting us to let light in.

Yes, we'll jingle our cracked shells of life proudly as they make us so much brighter. Wanna jingle with us?


  1. Love the Lenard Cohen quote and the beautiful image!

  2. I wanna jingle! It is true, the cracks are an opportunity for us the shine if only we would let the light in and flow from within us and reflect a beautiful rainbow.

  3. Great perspective, as always, Lydia! People can learn more from us when we speak from our mistakes, rather than when we share the times that we've done everything right. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We had a child who slept walked and had to put jingle bells on her bedroom door so we would wake up before she left the house. For that reason, I totally understand you post today


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