Friday, August 17, 2012

Pay It Forward with Your Phone

It started with a slice of pie. We were craving it, you see. But we didn't really need the pie, did we? No. So, we called the Pie Shop, bought a pie, and asked them to give it to the next person who walked in the door. Confusion echoed from the other end of the phone. Confirmation came from ours. "Yes, please give the pie to the next person who comes in." Then we heard a smile. Hearing smiles are beautiful.

What might you do to hear a smile today?

Ideas for ways to pay it forward with your cell phone:

Call your local pet food shop and buy the bag of dog food for the next customer.
Call your local food bank and ask if you can send them lunch. Take a quick order. Pick up your phone again and send them lunch.
Call your local school (many just started back) and tell them thanks for changing the world.
Call your local pizza shop and buy a pizza for the crew working today.
Call your local baby shop and buy diapers for the next parent shopping.
Call your local florist and buy flowers for the next person who enters.
Call your local coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee for the next person in line.

And finally, call your local pie shop and buy a pie for the next person who enters the door.

We're reaching for our phone again now.
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  1. We love this idea. Being that I do not have thumbs or a cell phone, I will have to get MOM's help. We do do the same thing in grocery stores and drive ups at the connivance store. But calling beautiful in sounds like tons of fun. Best line in the post, "Hearing smiles is beautiful."

  2. Never thought of using my phone to help others to see beautiful. Great ideas!


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