Thursday, September 27, 2012

Close Your Eyes

How do we look at ourselves? What are we seeking? Where are we looking? When you see with your eyes closed there is no criticism. What you see with your eyes closed may not have been obvious until the moment of careful observation and reflection with our mind and our hearts. Seeing with your eyes closed allows you to better understand your interests, our gifts, and who you are. You need to know yourself to grow more beautiful, of course.

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  1. My eyes are closed right now. I've gone back to bed while MOM gets ready for work. hehhehe
    Seriously, your words are true, sometimes our sight gets in the way of seeing beautiful.

  2. Wise words that not everyone may understand, but perhaps if they listen to the words with their eyes closed then they may.

  3. What can I say -- so agree! I often tell people how freeing it was to not be able to see that mirror :). It has been such a beautiful day of seeing beautiful. Thanks for an inspirational message to add to that!


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