Thursday, September 6, 2012

Listen. Something is Calling! It's BLISS!

Something is calling - we feel the urge to create more beautiful, good and kindness in the world. We believe all of us are - in some way - rooted in this commonality. It's the beauty of humanity. What and how we take up our calling will vary from person to person, but this calling can lead to bliss. And we must answer, right? We must follow our bliss. It's a conduit for seeing beautiful.

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  1. I think I do this everyday, follow my bliss. But I am a dog, so it just comes naturally. MOM says that it should be natural for the peoples too, but sometimes they get caught up in following what the world says is bliss. But you know what? It is never to late and turn around and follow the more beautiful path.

  2. So true, something to live by...follow your bliss!

  3. We would like to add " Your BLISS gives your meaningfulness life meaning." Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar


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