Thursday, September 13, 2012


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We are thrilled that the amazing people who design our See Beautiful bottles have officially launched their website! The work they are doing to create more beautiful in the world is wonderful and we are honored to share it here!

We love our See Beautiful bottles - seriously, we carry them with us everywhere - but even more reason to love them is better understanding the Re-Hy mission and story:

The Re-Hy Mission: "Our mission is to reduce the amount of one-time water containers heading to landfills; to reduce water consumption through plastic containers that can potentially leak toxins into the water; and to increase awareness of the importance of hydration (Re-Hy, 2012)."

What's their story? Oh, it's a beautiful one! In part, they took the ease of plastic water bottles with an eco-friendly twist. Taking one-step of sustainability beyond recycling, Re-Hy reuses as many glass bottles as possible - saving them for their long life in a land fill (and by long life we mean up to 1,000,000 years). Re-Hy receives saved bottles from restaurants, individuals and many other organizations and then takes them through a three-part sanitizing and label removing process. Then they give them a new face by adding inspiration, personalization, and design. Adding an easy-to-use top seals the bottle and Re-Hy comes to you!

We offer our See Beautiful bottle that we highly recommend, but they've got lots of seeing beautiful going on on their site. Offering various sizes and uses, your thinking of a standard bottle just received a double-dose of beautiful with the creative genius behind Re-Hy.

Thank you Re-Hy for bringing your wholesome goodness to the web. The internet became a better place when you joined it!

Connect with Re-Hy HERE.
Are you looking for a for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month 20% of all product sales will be donated to Advance Humanity. Click HERE to learn more.


  1. Love See Beautiful and LOVE my RE-HY bottles! Two fabulous women with two fabulous companies!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I so enjoy mine...constant reminder to See Beauty in the world.

  3. I support this beautiful company!

  4. I LOVE the bottles! How cool! Thanks for sharing their info! Have a wonderful week, Lydia!


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