Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You're a Master Designer

All of us are masterful designers, but so many of us have stopped believing in our ability to create with ease, or even to create period. Regardless of the way you design your life - it is one you design around love. You are creating your very own beautiful world. So why do we often hesitate to share our design? Express our creativity? Hide the life we're beautifully crafted?

If you want to celebrate the beauty of your life, you'll have to decide that from today on you're in charge. You have to give yourself the freedom to design, for you, with things you like, things that inspire you, people who bring you up, make you happy, make you better.

Design a life you love. Then, celebrate its beauty.
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  1. with the help of my MOM I've designed the most perfect and beautiful life.

  2. Oh my this message is breathtaking - love it ... and you! Thanks for your ever ending uplifting and beautiful messages.


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