Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bringing Beautiful into Focus

We search change drawers for spare coins. We search our inboxes for email responses. We search parking lots for space. We search grocery aisles for food. We search stop lights for traffic signals. We spend the day searching, searching, searching for things that dictate our life. What if our search that tick-tocks seconds off this race of life shifted to bring beautiful into focus.

What if...

  • we found a kind complement from a loved one who'd placed a loving note in a coin jar?
  • we found emails, not with tasks or sales or spam, but of loving words from friends reminding us of how much we were loved?
  • when we searched parking lots we did so to select a car to leave a gift card on for an unexpected family?
  • we found products to donate to food banks and grocery items to cook a meal for a friend in grocery aisles?
  • we found examples of kindness and patience in traffic intersections where we let others go before us?
What if when we look around our world we do so with the intention of seeing and creating beautiful. For example, an open window, used to look out into the world, was transformed into a message of beautiful for those looking in.
Sand on the beach, snow-topped cars, falling leaves in a yard, and even plastic eggs are things we can use to bring beautiful back into focus.

And when we start to shift our focus from plowing through the day, we begin to enjoy a different kind of life; a life where everything is clearer and more beautiful. We find that in all things, there is much to be celebrated. In all things we can create more beauty. In every fiber of our being we radiate beautiful, we just have to bring it into focus.

Happy seeing beautiful!
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  1. Very good advise. I think so often those beautiful things are not done or over looked because we just rush about,head down focused on nothing but where we have to get to, where we "need" to be. But truth is when we focus on beautiful our need to rush about fades and we find that there is more than enough time to notice, share and see beautiful and our day becomes beautiful, not just one uninspired stop after another.


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