Monday, November 19, 2012

We Are Each Other's Harvest

Children exemplify this sentiment of understanding humanity the best. They thrive in constant bond with others because it is a human need. As we grow older we grow more dependent and seem to forget that we are each other's harvest. Humanity is the reason the term "bond" exists (well, that and "Bond, James Bond, but work with me for a second). Together humanity reaps beauty, kindness, giving and thanks. We help each other grow. We help each other grow stronger. We help each other see beautiful. Humanity is perhaps the most important piece of harvesting we can ever pour our energy and kindness and happiness into.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pets are included in my term of Humanity, for I believe if they could weigh in on the conversation they, like children, really exemplify the understanding of beauty, love, friendship, family, and giving the best.

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  1. Yes, yes we are.

  2. Great quote, and fits right in with the Thanksgiving season!


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