Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cycling is a Cycle of Beautiful with the Safari Simbaz

Cyclist David Kinjah recognizes opportunities to create more beautiful in the world when he sees them - and on his bike he sees miles and miles of them. In the inspiring video below Kinjah explains that, "When we give the opportunities are endless." And with his Safari Simbaz cycling team their pedal rotations don't just take them up the road in Kenya, their story travels the world to impart beautiful change and hope.

The Safari Simbaz supports children in resource-disadvantaged communities around Nairobi to fulfill sporting dreams and help rebuild communities. Young adult cyclists talk of learning patience, perseverance, and hope through this outreach. From our own personal experiences on bikes, simple pedaling can offer these life lessons. Transfer that pedaling to a war-stricken area with great needs of everyday resources and this space for hope and inspiration is amplified.

Kinjah's cycle of giving from his successful cycling endeavors is creating space for beautiful around the world. Next time you see a biker pass you on the road perhaps you'll look at the rotations of their wheels as an invitation to grow the cycle of giving and kindness and hope, just like Kinjah and his Safari Simbazs.

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  1. Again, you have found someone who is NOT looking through "rose colored glasses" but his heart. IT is not only great - what he has achieved for himself - but he is changing the future of so many via the "Cycle".

  2. Just proves there is a whole lot more beautiful in the world.


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