Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Tooth

Author Avi Slodovnick invites children to think about giving and reminds adult to do the same. Based on a young girl's ability to see beautiful in another person most of society simply steps over, she wants to give - anything she can to simply acknowledge another. Not to be a spoiler, you can infer as much from the title, a tooth goes a long way as a tangible item that is all one person can give, to inspire another to do a little more.

The Tooth is a beautiful reminder to us all that we always have something of ourselves to brighten another's day from a tooth, to the smile offered by the mouth that holds our teeth, there's always something we can do to create a little more beautiful!

What's even more fun is that you can listen to the story online, right now, from
Storyline Online, an amazing, free, resource by the Screen Actor's Guild where brilliant actors read beautiful children's books for all the world to enjoy. And that's what we hope you do, sit back and enjoy.  

Visit Storyline Online to review dozens of wonderful additional children's books you can enjoy for free (and if you're a teacher, get excited because there are wonderful activities already designed to accompany each book).
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  1. That is a great book! And what a beautiful message. Thank you.

  2. Very well done!

  3. Thanks for sharing....a little thought can go a long way!


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