Thursday, January 17, 2013

Your Whole Being

                                                                        Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

Be you. Find contentment in being you. Be you for you, not for society, not for pop cultlure, not to fit a niche. Be your own niche. See your own unique beauty. Define your own spectacular beauty - or don't - but live it.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

You are beautiful. With each beat of your heart your beauty grows more whole. This is for you to know. This is for you to embrace. This is for you to celebrate: Your whole being is beautiful.
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  1. What a beautifully bright way to start another day. Both visually with what we see in the picture above and with your encouraging words.

  2. Goose (well barked)! We love the comforting and motivating daily passages. Know that your gentle reminders change lives - DAILY!

  3. I am trying so hard to learn this...even my Tai Chi instructor tells me to "forget the rules" and do what is right for you! Sometimes, it's hard though...:)JP

  4. I'm beautiful like me!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!