Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Proudly Failing Barbie 101

As we celebrate the incredible work of our February non-profit, the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Educational Excellence, they've whipped up their own focus this month, "Seeing Beautiful in our Youth." It's a focus that is seminal in our community. As part of their focus, they invited young women enrolled in their Early College High School Project to share how they see beautiful in themselves and the world. The following reflection is brilliantly written by Zaria Key. We find ourselves reveling in great hope that our future holds so much thoughtfulness and beauty. Thank you, Zaria for sharing such wisdom for others on seeing beautiful.

Barbie Class
Zaria Key

Everyone has that one class they get put in.
Meaning they never asked for it to be placed on their schedule.
Apparently you need it to graduate,
so you just pray you earn an A in.
Barbie 101 was the class I just dreaded.
While my friends rejoiced that they would finally learn what a proper girl should look like,
I dragged my feet into the class.
My teacher came prancing in.
Looking like a Victoria Secret model,
and her face was plastic.
Botox forced a smile on her face.
I was just waiting for Ken to take his place beside her.
But I guess he was teaching Ken 101.
First lesson: never fear aging because botox can save you.
Second lesson: hit the gym because those who don’t are naturally unappealing.
Third lesson: Only straight hair is what gets the boys to call.
In mid sentence, I raise my hand hoping to not be ignored.
With her plastic smile, she struggles out a “Yes.”
“Miss when did looking like a clone become noteworthy?
When did the focus stray from pulling out inner beauty to analyzing Revlon commercials?
Curves became unappealing, so skipping a few meals is what you advice.”
In the midst of my ranting, I seemed to have missed when my younger sister walked in.
Claiming she wanted to be like my teacher.
I grabbed her hand ready to exit, so she wouldn’t get plastic perfection confused with natural essence.
This was one class I proudly received an F in if it meant keeping one less girl from hating who they are.

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  1. WOW! Karia is one beautifully smart lady. I am proud to say that my MOM has failed Barbie 101 too. And that is a beautiful thing of that there is no doubt. You go Karia!

  2. Love the ending of the poem. So true, it's not worth it to hate yourself to fit to someone else's standards!

  3. WOW!!! love this social commentary!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!