Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pop Culture's Push

It often seems that pop culture is pushing us away from seeing the things that are inherently beautiful. As a society, we've been inundated with so many air brushed models smiling back at us on billboards that we don't know where the airbrush stops and the person starts. We're pushed into thinking that we're supposed to talk, eat, look, sing, dance, walk, dress, laugh, love, and give a certain way; like simply being can be boxed up in a nice little gift and transferred to any and all as a package deal to live by. Here's the thing though: THERE IS NO BOX.

Children know there is no box. Infants do not wake up each morning disappointed with the reflection they see in the mirror. In fact, when children discover reflections in mirrors, they are often enamored and affixed with immediate smiles and giggles. Wanna smile and giggle, loving what you see when you look in the mirror? Push back at pop culture. Ignore anytime someone tries to tell you there's a box and you need to fit in it.

Pets know there is no box. We have a lot of experience with dog's inability to give a flying-flip about the images pasted on the cover of magazines. In fact, the only interest our dog's have in those magazines is to chew them up. And we love that. Metaphorically, it gives us all something to "chew" on too. Perhaps we take the money we spend on the things that try to make us fit in a box and donate somewhere else. Do we need the nail polish for $5 or would $5 buy a person lunch who would love a great meal? Do we need the lip gloss that promises to "plump" your lips, or could those few dollars buy a new book that invites you to learn more about kindness in the world?

The media is good at their job. It's why it's a successful industry. Somewhere along the way we started to believe that there was a box we needed to fit in - or if we were extra brave we could take a step outside of it - but pop culture's box to mold us isn't really there (and even if it was, let's face it, they can't mold us). Today, push back on the things you see pop culture telling you you need to be, and take a moment to search around you for the things that inspire YOU to see beauty in yourself and the world around you.
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  1. Perfectly said. The only box I like to get into is my treat box.

  2. Thank goodness, I had a job that encouraged "thinking outside the box"...I was goog at it!...:)JP


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