Monday, March 11, 2013

Seeing Beautiful Without Eyes

You don't need eyes to see beautiful. Let Chica, the dog in the video tell you that. Chica's eyes had to be  removed when she was a puppy. She never skipped a beat. When she's not romping up and down the hills and weaving through the barns on her family's farm, she's doing her favorite thing of all: playing fetch. As shared in the video, she's a pro. Researchers at Purdue are bewildered at this four-legged-friend's ability to, without hitch, run after the ball and retrieve it.

It begs the question (yes, pun intended): What's Chica seeing that those of us with eyes might be missing? It's certainly not darkness. It's a world full of running after your dreams with wild abandon, while simultaneously being thoughtfully aware of your surroundings. We could all take a page from Chica's playbook; do what you love and love it. Be aware of the world around you and figure out how to do the things you love weaving around the parts of life that remain fixed to their location. You can navigate that path - a path you don't even have to see.

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  1. Pip & KristinMarch 11, 2013 at 3:36 AM

    Seeing beautiful is definitely a state of mind. Chica is beautiful!

  2. I agree she is seeing with her heat and when you do that you "see" everything. Beautiful.

  3. That is amazing! Makes you wonder if she sees more clearly than the rest of us?

  4. From the mom - I meant to comment earlier but ran out of time. I am not sure I have ever commented here before but I have followed you for sometime. This video really had an impact on me and I can sort of relate on a couple different levels. However this wonderful dog also inspires me too. First, what I love about all dogs - they live in the moment - like the film clip says, Chica sees with her heart and she has no fear. Dogs don't have regrets - they don't let their situation in life slow them down - they are too busy living it. I am blind in one eye and have daily struggles to maintain a working
    level of vision in the other. But I have to admit, I don't live life the way Chica does. My own two dogs, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta are trying to teach me to live in the moment - live each day fully. Chica takes that message to a whole new level.

    I TOTALLY understand how she does what she does - she relies on her other senses to live her beautiful life. Dogs have far superior senses of smell and hearing - Chica can both smell that ball and hear which way it rolls. She has learned through these senses where things in her environment are. She experiences life on a much more intense level than we do. She illustrates a very important message for everyone - appreciate each other for what they CAN do, don't hold them back because of what they can't do because they just might surprise you. Chica is my new mentor.
    Mom Kim..


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