Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Show Up

Sometimes showing up is the hardest part. Allowing yourself to show up and BE YOU isn't always easy. For example, when you overhear someone talking negatively about another, you show up by speaking up for the other person, or by removing yourself from the situation. You show up by making sense of this journey of life for yourself and giving yourself permission to be in the driver's seat of this trip. You show up when you find contentment in your own beauty. You show up when you give. You show up when you love, without inhibition or fear of who's looking. You show up when you laugh your laugh or cry your cry. Just show up and you will most certainly enjoy this messy, imperfect and oh-so-beautiful journey of life.  
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  1. Look who just showed

  2. It is hard to be yourself in all circumstances...but I have learned that it is THE ONLY WAY TO BE...:)

  3. Oh my this is delightful.


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