Monday, April 22, 2013

Take It Easy

This fast-paced way of life has left many of us feeling rushed throughout the day. We're too busy to respond to emails or return phone calls or cook a good meal. Our calendars are stocked full of busy - and not that all those things aren't wonderful things - but it's okay to give yourself permission to go slowly. In talking with others about giving yourself the green light to slow down to red-light-fashion, many shared hesitancy to go slowly - and to smile while doing it. Well, that is just crazy. But, why? We say, "Why not?" Here we go:

Step 1) Smile (no, we're serious, do it.);
Step 2) Breathe (hopefully you're still on board with us.); and
Step 3) Go slowly.

How long can you allow yourself the gift of smiling, breathing, and taking it easy by going slowly. Perhaps this is a new way to start each day. What a way to set your mind on seeing beautiful: smiling, breathing (thankfully), and going slowly.

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  1. Amazing. This morning MOM decided to sleep an extra hour and start the day in a slower fashion. So far the world did not fall a part because of it. hahha. It is a beautiful thing to slow down.

  2. Love his message ... this says so much. Beautiful.

  3. There's lots of SMILES in our house everyday and we've learned a lot living in HI to slow down ... and continue to enjoy every Golden Moments. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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