Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gas Station Pranks can be Beautiful

It is clear from watching the following video that this couple has made a life out of seeing and creating more beautiful from others. When spoken to through a television screen above the pump, instead of jumping into the car and locking the doors (or bolting from the parking lot), this married couple/soon-to-be award winning duo, seize the moment offering us all an instant smile. Perhaps instead of shuddering at the price of gas the next time we pull in to fill up our tanks we can remember these two and belt a few (or take a little dance break). Why not?

Because let's face it, when we're "living on a prayer" by day, "sweet dreams" really are made of moments like these...


  1. Love these old songs...love the words...and love what music des for the soul!...:)JP

  2. That will leave my MOM smiling all day.


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