Monday, May 20, 2013

You're Not Lost...

...just wandering.

If you find yourself down an unexpected street, in an unknown part of town, or even city unintentionally, use it as an opportunity to wander a bit. You're not lost, just wandering.

If you're feeling a bit "lost" emotionally, use it as an opportunity to understand you're wandering, not lost. You're growing, not lost. You're learning more about yourself and the world and in that moment (or moments) of wandering you have the opportunity to see beautiful because it's new. defines the two words as:

Lost (adjective): having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction, etc.

Wander (verb): to go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually
Wandering isn't scary or something from which we should steer clear. Wandering shouldn't raise our blood pressure or evoke the comment, "I thought you knew where we were going." If you're lost, you've "missed the way." If you're wandering, you're casually exploring the world. Which would you want to exemplify?

The unknown invites you to wander and see beautiful along the way.

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  1. I really need to read this today. I find it so difficult to see beautiful in myself when I am in a place of indecision. I get very impatient and critical of having conflicting thoughts and desires. I am kind of the mean girl to myself. Your blog brought some kindness back, Thank you.


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