Wednesday, July 31, 2013

See Beautiful Teacher: Jenni Nelson

Throughout the month of May, See Beautiful distributed $100 donations to teachers around the country. It was an honor for us to support the hard work and often thankless job that teachers do. One of the teachers, Jenni Nelson from Utah, just sent us a list of the goodies she was able to purchase and we wanted to celebrate that beauty with all of you.

Jenni writes, "I wanted to send you a picture of all the books that I was able to purchase using the See Beautiful money.  I spent some time looking for the best prices to make the money go as far as possible.  I was able to purchase:

-two books to supplement my ancient Egypt unit
-an e-book that I will use as a read aloud
-a fun book to add to my class library
-a book of pictures that I will use as writing prompts
-a book of fun poetry
-a supplemental book to go along with my Abraham Lincoln reading unit
-and one other book to use for journal writing, but it hasn't been delivered yet

It is truly amazing what I was able to buy with the money you sent me.  Thank you again...!"

To all teachers out there gearing up to start the school year again, thank you for the world-changing, life-changing, humanity-altering work you do. You don't get paid enough. You don't get sleep enough. You teach from your heart and soul. You inspire more people in one day than others have the chance to do in a lifetime. You celebrate the success of a child as if world peace had just begun. You know how to turn a frown upside down in a different way for every child. You plan for childrens' interests, you build on childrens' strengths, and you identify needs and strive with all you have to meet them. You are unsung heroes making your ways to schools everyday. You. Are. Amazing.


  1. Jenni you are an inspiration and cool you are here in Utah!! Thanks for sharing and another inspiring gift of See Beautiful.

  2. I can tell you that Jenni is one of the most beautiful people I know. All the words you used to describe teachers, Jenni is all this and so much more. She indeed is BEAUTIFUL.


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