Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Airbrushers

Dear Airbrushers,

Here's the deal, humanity doesn't want to be erased. Every person is unique and that beautiful uniqueness should be celebrated, not blurred. Our bodies, faces, wrinkles, jiggles, freckles, and every little hair on our heads are perfectly ours. When an airbrushed picture is published for others to see, we miss out. REAL lines of others are missing - erased. Please stop making us less of ourselves. Please stop helping models disappear on the covers of magazines. That magic eraser that's more of a harmful tool, reinforces a stereotype for young girls and guys that what they see in the mirror should somehow be blurred, when in fact, that reflection staring back at them is beautiful.

Instead of blurred lines, let's clarify and celebrate them.

Zoom in, share, and see beautiful!

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  1. Yes yes please stop. Allowed to continue and grow no matter the strength of "prescription glasses" will show the true beauty we all have.


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