Monday, October 14, 2013

One Million Acts of Kindness

One Million Acts of Kindness
We received an email from Bob (founder of One Million Acts of Kindness) and his precious pooch, Bogart! We've been a fan of One Million Acts of Kindness for years, so when they reached out needing support and the word spread about their Kindness Bus Tour, we were all over  it! Why? Because it's awesome and making a difference. Bob writes, "Most of us think that changing the world is impossible. The world is too big…too many people in it…too many problems to solve. Do you often feel this way? While it’s understandable, be assured that it is not true! Let’s start smaller. How many kind thoughts of others can you have in a day? How many people can you encourage? How many people can you help in small way? Now we’re onto something…Imagine… if we simply hoped for the best toward every person we come in contact with during the day. If each one of us, day by day, shared acts of kindness with those we know and those we don’t know…how would the world change? How would YOU change? How far would our kindness spread? Start with your own world and your own circle of influence. Your friends, family, and community. Start now. Continuously let kindness be the cause you support and watch it grow into a better future!"

Bob started a revolutions (but it's an easy, step-by-step one). The goal is for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. It reminds us of the mindset to actively see, create, and celebrate beautiful everyday too, eh? So what's Bob doing to spread the message? Well, he bought a bus. He painted it with family and friends. He set out on a ten year journey with his beautiful dog, Bogart. He revved up the kindness movement. He started spreading his mission.

Bob has created a space for spreading kindness and it's oozing into schools (which you know we love)! In his email to us, Bob explains that, "Bogart and I are asking for your help in spreading kindness to schools across our country." Watch this beautiful Fundly video and understand how the past 4 years of the Kindness Bus tour have made a difference!

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  1. You know MOM and I all over this. We hare headed over to help out right now.

  2. Bob and Bogart are the real heros, they have been in my neighborhood, to my old elementary school, and even greeted me while I ran the Miami Marathon ,that is how I first found these two friends. Once you learn of these two guys you will moved at their dedication to making the world a kinder and gentler place. Gotta love Bob and Bogart! Ride on guys!

  3. you ever see the show Stairway to heaven ? Bob is Micheal Landon and Boggie is the ole fella sidekick. ;)

  4. We will head over and check it out! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug


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