Tuesday, November 12, 2013

See Beautiful Book of the Month: Watch Her Thrive

About a year ago I was invited to write for the book Watch Her Thrive …an amazing collaboration of stories collected by my friend Kimberly Riggins, founder and chief initiator of The Watch Her Thrive Project: an organization build to help women who have suffered from rape and domestic abuse get back on their feet.

                                          Watch Her Thrive Book Cover

I decided to take part in this project for two reasons: 1) All the proceeds of this book will be going to Women for Women International; and 2) I believe we are all world changers. This book is a wonderful tribute to those who have overcome obstacles and it is a testament that with hope, courage and strength, we all find more beautiful in ourselves and create more beauty in the world. 

Over the course of eighty-three essays, readers will find insight, stories, tips, and heartfelt emotions from unique women who have already found their own power, including best-selling authors, entrepreneurs making change in their industries, and visionaries whose missions revolve around serving.
Watch Her Thrive is an enlightening journey that inspires change. This collection of essays offers women the emotional and mental sustenance to survive the brutal moments that can distract them from the beautiful journey of life.

Let's create more beautiful together. Let's watch ALL thrive!
Happy seeing beautiful,
Lydia, President of +See Beautiful 

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  1. Courage, hope and strength got me through a lot of "moments" and I continue to encourage those in similar situations. That's what makes life meaningful...reaching out to others...:)JP

  2. MOM says that hope is vital to seeing the beautiful in life.


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