Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Bully - Spread Kindness Rap

We love learning about inspiring and aspiring future educators who are making a difference with children with whom they're already working! In this case, student teacher, Mr. Rezsaun Lewis, empowered a class of fifth graders at Chicora Elementary School to use their creative freedom to create an anit-bulling rap video!

The thinking about writing the script, using personal experiences, learning about music videos and imparting social change resulted in this inspiring rap that others can share with their students.

Featured in a news special in Charleston, South Carolina, we have no doubt Mr. Lewis' thinking and commitment to education is going to be felt throughout the country. Well done, Mr. Lewis. Thanks for helping us see beautiful!

Connect with Rezsaun Lewis on twitter and congratulate him HERE.

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  1. This is wonderful!! Mr. Lewis is a wonderful influence to these beautiful children and I have no doubt his commitment to these young people in leading them, letting them be creative in giving and important message will is and will be a bright beautiful part of their lives and the lives that these children touch.


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