Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Realize Your Beauty Day!

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 How are you celebrating Realize Your Beauty Day?

Are you making a Realize Your Inner Beauty birds HERE? We are!

Are you spending a few minutes in reflection of honoring the beauty you inherently possess? We hope you do!

Are you connecting with others over lunch or coffee or a simple conversation to celebrate their beauty? Just do it!

We are so appreciative of the way Realize Your Beauty empowers people to, REALIZE THEIR BEAUTY, in so many different ways.

As one of our former non-profits of the month, Realize Your Beauty has shown over the years how their commitment to empowering and inspiring others is benefiting many. We are honored to celebrate Realize Your Beauty Day with them!  

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  1. Headed to the gym to get the cardio and weight bearing exercise my body needs...:)JP


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