Thursday, May 22, 2014

SEE BEAUTIFUL Bow Tie by Kula Project

Our See Beautiful Burlap Bow Ties by the incredible Kula Project are here and they are amazing!!

See Beautiful Bow Tie Specifications (Important):Color(s): You have your options! All brown or brown and black tones mixed.
Fabric: Burlap
Each bow tie comes with a clip to adhere it to a shirt. You do not need to know how to tie a bow tie to sport this beauty. Simply clip it on a collar and you're good to go!

Our See Beautiful Bow Tie Story (Even More Important):
These amazing bow ties are brought to us by an incredible non-profit, Kula Project. Kula Project invests in small-scale farmers to create sustainable communities. Each bow tie we sell is brought to us by Kula Project. They work directly with women in Rwanda who they empower by teaching a trade and paying for their work. These particular bow ties were made by Justine (pictured below). 

How our See Beautiful Bow Tie can leave you seeing beautiful (MOST IMPORTANT): It is our hope that every time you put on this bow tie you see beautiful in knowing you supported a woman, family and community in Rwanda. It's not your average bow tie - what you're wearing really did help empower another to see and create beautiful. Thank you for that!

Get your very own HERE!

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  1. Seeing beauty in everyday choices we make is THE driving force!


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