Monday, June 16, 2014

Change Is Coming to See Beautiful

Seeing beautiful is a work in progress. It's setting your intention to do so everyday. In an effort to better clarify our own work and the way we support our See Beautiful community, we're going to take the month of July to revamp some awesomeness and rewrite the way we're giving. You're getting in at the ground level and we want you to know that we're going to continue supporting non-profits, but we're also going to weave in GIVING to people, like you, to fund your efforts to create more beautiful in the world.
Our website will go under construction in July, so if you're looking to purchase any of our See Beautiful products, dive on in during the month of June because July is all about cleaning these binoculars and creating even more beautiful in the world!!


  1. Ok! Sounds like a new venture is underway! Good for you!!

  2. Looking forward to following the transformation!

  3. Eager to see the new See Beautiful. Sounds exciting!


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