Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Giving Me

http://www.seebeautiful.com/the-giving-me.htmlWords can't express how honored I am to share See Beautiful's latest product and my most recently published children's book, The Giving Me. Of the children's books I've written, this one is the most special because it honors the ultimate giving of an incredible man, Trey Lefler. Trey Lefler helped people see beautiful. He also created beautiful in the lives of family, friends, and total strangers; but more specifically in the people who's lives he saved.

As written on opening pages, The Giving Me, is a children's picture book “dedicated to the family and friends of Trey Lefler, whose giving saved lives.” Inspired by Trey Lefler’s giving spirit and decision to be an organ donor, I wrote this story to start conversations about the life changing act of giving.

Within each page, Readers - both young and older-ish - experience the ways giving comes full circle and ultimately saves lives. The Giving Me helps young children understand the importance of giving and empowers them to make a difference in the world.

*100% of all sales I receive from The Giving Me will be donated to one of Trey's giving initiatives.

Beyond the book itself, there is a beautiful Adult Discussion Guide thoughtfully crafted by Stephen de Groot of Getting to Better and a Children's Activity Guide designed by Orly Wahba of Life Vest Inside. These two kindness partners of See Beautiful's contributed pieces to the text that empower families and help create important memories and experiences beyond the words I had the honor of crafting. It is a continued treat to work with them!
Giving is the best,
Lydia (CEO of See Beautiful

Learn more about Trey's story HERE.
Purchase a copy of the book HERE

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  1. Cannot wait for MOM and I to get a copy, I should say many copies, so we can share and give it away.


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