Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pray for Ellis

One of the most beautiful stories of faith and hope and love we've ever read. You'll remember Sarah as one of our See Beautiful Women of the Month, now Sarah and her fighter of a child, Ellis, are defying all odds. If you pray, pray for Ellis. 

By Sarah Rodriguez:

"Ellis Update 15

It’s been 52 hours since Miss Ellis was taken off her vent and she continues to do well. All her vitals are stable. This alone is a miracle. We are also out of ICU and in a regular room. Would you like to hear another one? She’s taken two bottles today. Slurped them down like it was nothing. She in no way should be able to do this, but she does. She astounds me more every day.
Here’s the thing about the Lord. He’s the same God now He was then. Sure we don’t see as many of the “part the sea” miracles as they did back then. I can’t give you the reasons for why that is, but I can say He’s the same God who did them. So we’ve seen at least big miracle #1 and big miracle #2. She still needs big miracles #3 through probably 10,000. With the injury to her brain she has huge hurdles ahead and we’ve been told the worst of the worst. But we’ve also seen miracles #1 and #2 so that gives us hope to believe for #3 through 10,000.
And believe we will.
Since I first started sharing her story over a million people have read about it. Often at night I will think about how if even 1% of those people are praying for my daughter, that means she’s getting 10,000 prayers. I’m sure it’s much more than we will ever know. We’ve been so encouraged by your stories, messages, emails and especially your prayers. I try to thank you often because it is often in my day I think about how thankful I am for each of you. You are a blessing.
Please continue to pray. I promise to continue to update. Here’s a photo we snapped this morning of one tired but happy Mama and one cozy little Ellis. Also one of her downing her first bottle like a pro..."

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