Friday, January 30, 2015

For Baby Ellis

When Baby Ellis' mom, Sarah Rodriguez, was decorating her daughter's room she adorned it with the saying, "When she wakes she will move mountains." And that is exactly what beautiful Ellis has done. At exactly one-month old (12/6/14), suffering from meningitis, she was taken off a ventilator that was breathing for her. All other wires and beeping and medical support keeping Ellis alive was removed. Doctors told Sarah it was time to say goodbye to her daughter. Her brain and body had put up a valiant fight, but it could no longer do so. And so her strong Mommy held her daughter in her arms and rocked her back and forth and told her how much she was loved and then Ellis did the unthinkable, unfathomable, the seemingly impossible. She breathed. And kept breathing. And breathing and breathing. And then she ate. And then she cried. And then she slept. And then she started doing things all newborns do, except Ellis did something else: She moved mountains. With her heartbeat and her breathing and her sleeping she told the doctors and nurses to have faith.  She told them that God really does have the whole world in His hands and modern science and logic don't hold a candle to His grasp. Now over one month removed you can continue to follow precious Ellis' story with her Mom, Sarah. We cannot begin to imagine they ways she will continue to move mountains with her story and her life and her fight. She has much to teach the world, but in her short time on earth, she's already done more than doctors have ever read about in all their years of medicinal studies.

But Ellis needs your help, and that's where the Ellis Cuff comes in...

We're donating $5 from every sale to Ellis and her family to help cover her medical expenses and on-going appointments with doctors and physical therapy. As you glance at your wrist, you'll be reminded of Ellis and her fight. You'll know that you made a difference in their lives and you'll be reminded that you have a whole lot of strength in you. A one-month old moved mountains. When you wake, you can move mountains too. 

The Ellis Cuff Specifications (Important): This is our Special Edition, hand-stamped, ELLIS CUFF! The full cuff is 100% recycled aluminum and is hand-stamped with the saying, "When she wakes she will move mountains."  The choice of recycled aluminum vs. silver means the bracelet is virtually weightless, but the reminder to see beautiful is strong.  

Don't want the bracelet, but want to donate to the family? Cool, you can do so HERE.

Want our traditional "See Beautiful" bracelet instead of this one, but still want to give to Baby Ellis? Cool, just select "Baby Ellis" from the dropdown box on our See Beautiful Cuff HERE.

Want to follow Ellis' story? You can do that with her Mom, Sarah, HERE.

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  1. What a beautiful story...and a beautiful beginning!...:)JP


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