Saturday, January 10, 2015

Unwind and Celebrate Your Vibrance

While unwinding and celebrating your vibrancy are two actions we want you experiencing, they're also two new See Beautiful scarves that we're thrilled to roll off the shelves. January is the perfect time to bundle up with something warm and cozy while also dedicating the year to creating more beautiful - just like the amazing women who make our scarves at Colors; Freedom In Fashion.

Introducing our Unwind and Vibrant scarves. Each scarf was handmade by women in Atlanta recovering from homelessness, domestic abuse and/or drug addiction.

See Beautiful UNWIND Scarf

See Beautiful VIBRANT Scarf

When you purchase a See Beautiful COLORS scarf you give women an opportunity to become more empowered to fight injustice and grow their ability to recover, succeed and grow more beautiful in the world.  One employee reflected on her opportunity to create these scarves for others that, "Working with y'all is God's way of showing me that instead of destroying things with my hands, I can create beautiful things." 

Your purchase provides another with the opportunity to see beautiful in places they didn't think it existed. What a wonderful reminder to see beautiful as you wear, or give, one of our See Beautiful scarfs. 

There is life-changing freedom in fashion, and that my friends, is beautiful. 



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