Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Power in a Leaked Photo

I've seen a lot of trending conversations about the "scandalous Cindy Crawford untouched photo leak" and the beautiful, larger discussion about the beauty of the untouched photo. I've also been waiting for the still-silent-about-the-leaked-photo Crawford to weigh in. She has not. And I've come to realize I quite like her silence. You see, it is true, a picture says a thousand words, so she's speaking. The torrent of conversation debating/celebrating/confusing beauty is important (it's one reason See Beautiful exists), but Crawford's already spoken. 

Perhaps this is a larger conversation for professional airbrushers (please, oh please don't let there be such a thing) and magazine editors to STOP BLURRING THE LINES OF BEAUTIFUL ALREADY! It looks like the masses are talking and they seem to be screaming, "We much prefer REAL," because, wait for it, WE ARE REAL. You and me? We don't airbrush ourselves before stepping out the door. We don't erase thighs or bellies or sag. We don't do these things because it's not real. We live in reality and this reality is so full of beautiful. Glossy pages on a magazine that reflect technologically recreated humans do nothing to serve the cause of creating more beautiful in the world. If anything, it confuses it and I don't want to be confused. I see beautiful in the faces of every REAL person I see. There is so much beauty there.

I did hop over to Cindy Crawford's facebook page and serendipitously ran across this article by Elizabeth Gilbert that Crawford recently shared. It is a quite fitting message about giving ourselves permission to ditch living a life of perfection and embracing living a life full of seeing and creating beautiful HERE.

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  1. I loved reading your post about this. I think I like her silence too!


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