Monday, April 20, 2015

Inspire BIG for Jax

Meet Jax. He's amazing. Jax's family and friends resoundingly share how at 7 months old, he INSPIRES in BIG ways! Jax's parents see beautiful in the ways they're empowering Jax to live a life full of creating beautiful as well!! They could use some love from this amazing See Beautiful Community too. To help cover medical costs for sweet Jax, we're introducing our "INSPIRE BIG" bracelet to support his family. Jax has a disease called Niemann-Pick type A. The disease is rare and there is little information or research being conducted on it and no one has survived it yet. But there's Jax and he smiles and gives love and he INSPIRES, BIG TIME!


 This is a limited edition, hand-stamped, INSPIRE BIG Cuff, inspired by sweet Jax to whom we donated during his Go Shout Love Auction month! The full cuff is 100% recycled aluminum and is hand-stamped with the saying, "INSPIRE BIG."

 It is an honor to get to be in a position where we can INSPIRE his family and shower them with love right now. When you wear your INSPIRE BIG Cuff the sky is the limit and the world is your oyster. We're learning that from a precious seven-month-old who shows it everyday.

You also have the option to select our original "See Beautiful" cuff and other giving products. Just select "FOR JAX" from the dropdown box and $5 of that purchase will be donated to Jax's family too. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the family. I have no doubt we can do it.
Seeing Beautiful in Jax.

Get your INSPIRE BIG Cuff here:


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