Thursday, June 11, 2015

Seeing Beautiful In Serving Others

These past several weeks have been chocked full of seeing beautiful! We have celebrated the funding of not one, but TWO, See Beautiful Giving Initiatives!

$350 Donated by See Beautiful

$1500 donated by See Beautiful

When you purchase an item from See Beautiful you help create more beautiful in the world! Thank you for helping us fund these incredible projects!! Our See Beautiful Community is always leaving us inspired. So in this moment, see beautiful and celebrate for these young kiddos!

Want to support one of our amazing See Beautiful Giving Initiatives? Visit HERE and get yourself some beautiful goodies that create even more beautiful in the world.


  1. Now that is a whole lot of Seeing Beautiful!!!!

  2. So beautiful. All those people helped.

  3. Lots of Happy Smiles :-) Golden Love on all your Beautiful works.

  4. That's so wonderful. So much good is being done in the world by See Beautiful.


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