Tuesday, July 14, 2015

See Beautiful: A Matter of Focus (Yes, this means my TEDx Talk is Live)

The person who really made this TEDx Talk possible can't be seen in the video; he was sitting in the front row though. He's the strongest, most inspiring, loving and giving person I know and I get to share my life with him. He helped create the concept of "See Beautiful" by helping me do so when it felt impossible. If you don't know this about See Beautiful, you should know that my husband makes the work I do possible.

He has lived the hard and sad and tough that you'll hear me reflect upon in my talk. He's been a rock when I've been but a shadow of myself. He has been just as much a part of bringing greenhouses to Kenya and a children's library to a homeless shelter in Utah as I have. He may not sit on the front lines and tweet the celebratory milestones, but he's the lifeblood of beautiful we get to create.

I can't find any Ted(x) talks about infertility (and that's not specifically what this talk is about), but it was our hope that by sharing part of our story, it might find its way into the right people's hands and hearts. We decided, through being vulnerable, honest and ultimately hope-filled, this talk might help someone who was struggling to realize the incredible strength to be  found in seeing beautiful too. If you know someone who might benefit from listening to the talk, we would both be humbled and honored.

Obviously, it is impossible to share this talk without honoring the silent presenter who constantly fuels my fire to grow the work of See Beautiful. Thank you, Andrew. You make this amazing work feel like a dream.

Now, the talk: See Beautiful: A Matter of Focus:


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