Friday, October 16, 2015

Envisioning Beautiful

End homelessness. 
Provide access to clean water for all. 
Ooze kindness. 
Stop bullying. 
Plant trees. 
Inspire people to see beautiful. 
Help people find work. 
Eradicate texting and driving. 
Provide education and more access to recycling. 
Give all pets safe, loving homes. 
Stop stealing, move giving. 

These were but a few of the ways the girls in one of our See Beautiful Clubs was "ENVISIONING BEAUTIFUL" yesterday at Cheatham Hill Elementary School! Thirty-three 4th and 5th graders came together to start this school year with a clear focus on 1) seeing beautiful; and 2) creating it. It doesn't get much more beautiful!

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  1. With more young people think this our world has just gotten much more beautiful and I just know as they grow so will their beauty and their sharing it and creating it. Love envisioning this beautiful "snowball effect" get rolling and growing.
    Michelle and Buddy


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