Monday, October 12, 2015

This Is Not a Bag

This is not a bag. This is new hope.
This is not a bag. This is a child's education in Eastern Congo.
This is not a bag. This is income for a woman in need Eastern Congo.
This is not a bag. This is creating beautiful.

As you read this, I am sitting in the same town where the women who make these bags live. I prepared this post before I traveled to Goma, so there will certainly be much deeper reflections to share with you when I return. Though I have never met Solange, Riziki, Mapendo, and Argentine, when I carry their beautiful art I cannot help but feel the hope the resonates from them. 
From left to right: Argentine, Solange, Mapendo, Riziki
There is also a good chance that as you're reading this I'm sitting with the some of the 53 children you help us send to school every month by purchasing our products from the New Hope Collection. The magnitude of that is not lost on me. Your purchase brings new hope. Your purchase provides a future. I'm sitting with those future world changers - perhaps right this very second. I cannot wait to share with you their stories and smiles. You can give new hope and get beautiful. Thank you for being a part of this See Beautiful Community, the work you allow us to do is literally changing lives. 
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