Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Like A Girl

When did doing something "like a girl" become an insult? Pre-adolescence, "like a girl" is understood to be a badge of honor, but there is a shift during adolescence that leaves girls with a poor self-image and lowered expectations for life. Girls are often much less confident in themselves and their abilities, when compared to girls. Further, studies show that up to the age of 9, the vast majority of girls are confident, assertive and identify themselves using positive descriptors. By the time girls reach the age of 13, fewer than one-third of girls still feel this way. "Like a girl" isn't powerful anymore - in fact, it breeds powerless. 

The way we, as a society, talk about doing things "like a girl" shapes the way young children come to see it too. Exploring videos, like this one from Dove, is a powerful way to dig deeper into this understanding with young girls. If you work with students, I'd highly encourage you to explore this video with them and then discuss what doing things "like a girl" really means.

A huge shout out to a great part of our community, Katy McCalla for rocking the New York City Marathon LIKE A GIRL this past weekend as well. She is so strong - just like a girl. She sees and creates so much beautiful - just like a girl!


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