Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Love Letter to You

A love letter to you:
Lately you have been hard on yourself - constantly critiquing your size and shape, questioning why you look the way you do and using others' looks as your "good enough" barometer.
The critiquing is one thing and it needs to stop. The questions are important because 1) there is an answer; and 2) the answer is significant.
You exist to be you.
Unapologetically, authentically and totally you.
You are not supposed to look, dress, act, or be exactly like your best friend, your family or even the people staring at you from a billboard.
We all have similarities and that's good to celebrate...beating hearts and lungs that fill with air connect us all. We all get those gifts, but the design of your body, your mind, your soul and the ways you love and give are completely unique to you. That is a gift to this world - to every living soul with whom you come in contact and for those you will leave a legacy on someday.
Some people, some companies might tell you you're supposed to look different, dress different, or act a certain way. That's not true. Let that sink in for a moment: It is not true. In fact, not only is it not true, but the big companies who tell you to look, act, dress, or be a different way are actually doing a job. It's not even their life, it's what they are paid to do.
Seeing beautiful in yourself is not always easy, but it is one of the most important things you can do for you. It's what makes it possible for you to genuinely see beautiful in others. The more you do it, the more you crave it. When seeing beautiful fills your life, you find creating beautiful is a natural extension of how to spend your life.
Life becomes beautiful.
Life is beautiful.
I feel it when you are filled with joy and love for yourself. I thrive in this space of love and thanksgiving. I know it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Everyone stumbles. Everyone. But you will come back to this place of seeing beautiful. It has nothing to do with being what you see reflected by pop culture and everything to do with what's on the inside. That's a job that only you can do - see beautiful in the gift given to you, YOU.
You're the only one who can truly celebrate and honor you. What an amazing gift. It's good and right to share it with others. The world wants you. There is no one who can offer the world what you do.
That is beautiful.


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