Thursday, February 25, 2016

Be Glorious

This past year Glorious was confronted with a huge problem - a group of 15 orphans were evicted from their foster home and had no place to go. 

Photo of some of the children evicted from their foster home. Shared with permission from Glorious.
Alice, Glorious' Tanzanian Founder, immediately jumped to action and took the children under her wing. Although they are safe, sound and very loved, we are currently facing an additional problem of ensuring we have money each month to provide for their food, well-being and caretakers salary at Glorious Orphan’s Home. They're working to raise $5,000 to purchase a commuter bus to transport the kids to and from school, but during the day also serve as a public transport bus in the city. All proceeds from this bus will support the children’s food and caretakers.
These sweet girls will get to attend school with your support.
How your purchase helps: Your purchase will be used to allow Glorious to purchase a small commuter bus that will not only transport kids to and from school, but during the day serve as a public transport bus in the city to create a steady stream of revenue.

Follow their story and become part of there community on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and their blog.


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