Friday, May 20, 2016

Inspiration from our Youth

I spent last week at 4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue, Decatur, GA working with a group of girls exploring empowerment, the beauty industry, and human rights. The self-selected topics were inspiring, but the passion with which these girls care about self-worth and civil rights blew me away. The questions they are exploring are seminal and their hope to better understand, and ideally to impart change, remind me how important the work we are doing together through See Beautiful really is.

Molly asks: "Why is there an expectation from women to look and act a certain way?"
Joyce is exploring: "What are the effects of not having civil liberties on a culture; specifically civil rights as children being sold into slavery?"
Grace wonders: "Why are women viewed as less athletic than men - as evidenced by dramatically less pay when even more successful?"

While they are three dramatically different questions, my hope is that it shows this community the very real questions and confusion young girls see unfolding in our society. The bombardment of photoshoped models, unrealistic "ideals" and expectations for women, and devaluing the most basic rights of children and women aren't something for "someone else" to fix. These are real to children in schools across the US and bleed well beyond the boarders of this country. We can do something about this. We can continue to foster the lifestyle of See Beautiful and we can set a new intention every day to create beautiful for all in the best ways we can.
Thank you Molly, Joyce and Grace for reminding me that this work is not just for the present moment, it is for the future too - your future. We'll all work together to make it more beautiful.


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