Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Meet Philemon. Because of you, she and her child will be empowered. Because of you, Philemon and the rest of the community of Mangango, DRC will gain access to improved sanitation. The current lack of access results in well-documented public health hazards causing numerous illnesses, childhood mortality, lost school time, reduced productivity and more. Worse yet, in a region notorius for the hights rates of sexual violence in the world, women are exposed to a very real risk of rape and assault. Our newest giving initiative to support the beautiful work ofMavuno, will work with local community leaders to plan and create two public latrines and dramatically reduce sanitation-related illness. Further, the latrines are designed with an innovative technology to convert waste to fertilizer which is used in the community's cooperative farming projects. When you purchase an item and select MAVUNO as your choice your help create a safe world for women and children, healthier lives, and a more peaceful and prosperous community - one more step on the journey to create dramatic change in Eastern Congo. 

Photo by: Mavuno

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  1. It's hard to imagine living without basic sanitation. This initiative is one that will help so many.

  2. one step at a time, thanks for sharing beautiful


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