Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Hope is Beautiful

A piece of my heart and soul will always be in Congo. Sometimes that's the greatest gift. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. On July 1st, the DRC celebrated their Independence, just as we did in the United States on the 4th. Their Independence shows a resiliency and beauty of the people of Congo who work tirelessly for their families. Ranked the second poorest country in the world, they rank at the top in terms of hope and love and giving. The children make rankings look silly when you look into their eyes. They're far from poor. They give with their smiles and their joy and their hope for more freedom to be creative and dream and see their dreams come true. Going into this holiday weekend, one where many in this community will give thanks for our freedom in the United States, I hope this sweet face is a reminder of your freedom to live to give, and love without judgement. This sweet face is also one of 55 precious children who receive an education for another month thanks to this precious community. It's all new hope and it's beautiful.
Photo by Bobby Neptune


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