Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seeing Beautiful in a #Home4Refuge

We're sharing Refuge Coffee Co.'s gift today. It truly is something to smile about.

If you don't know Refuge Coffee Co in Clarkston, GA, treat yourself and go there.



And when you go, be sure to meet Leon Shombana. His Congolese accent is like Christmas for your eardrums. Order the Nepali Chatpati (I dream about it). Clearly grab a coffee or tea because they're all divine. And take a load off in their home. You're always welcome.

Refuge Coffee is a special place for a lot of reasons. It's a dream that has been brought to life. It is a space where all are welcome and loved. Loved well, actually. Centered in what CNN dubs, "the most diverse square mile in America" Refuge Coffee celebrates the diversity that everyone brings to the table. You sit down with a stranger and end up engaged in an hour long conversation about historical significance of African boarder placement with maps drawn on the white board (that also serendipitously dons the words, "The world needs more of you.").

Take thirty seconds to disengage from the hustle of life and the scroll of social media to let Leon make you smile. I can watch this video on repeat.

To dangle the carrot, because it's beautiful written to, here's what Leon has to say about home, which is truly beautiful since it would be easy for Leon not to see beautiful. He was forced from his home in Eastern Congo and came to the US as a refuge. He's rewritten his definition of home after the life he has led. With Refuge Coffee, he's writing a beautiful story. We should all want homes like Leon has.

"My idea of home, is a place you live peacefully. Is a place you have good neighbors. Is a place you can interact with people. And if you look at what Refuge Coffee is doing, that is what you call home. It is a place you can find life. Is a place you have good neighbors. Is a place you can share your problems...and you rejoice with your friends or your relatives or your neighbors..." hear it in Leon's voice.

And I would be remiss to share that Refuge Coffee is currently working to permanently find a #Home4Refuge and you can be a part of making that home a reality here:

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  1. I want to take a road trip to Georgia now!! What a wonderful story...definitely something to smile about!!

    Happy Seeing Beautiful Lydia!

  2. Love the story. Happy Seeing Beauty. Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  3. What an inspiring vision of home.


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