Monday, February 20, 2017

A Vision of Unity with Helping Mamas

We have a lot of caregivers, educational stakeholders, and families in our See Beautiful Community. We also have an amazing opportunity for you to get kids involved in an art project that leads to more beautiful for an extraordinary non-profit: Helping Mamas!

Short story: Your kid(s) creates a piece of art depicting "A Vision of Unity" and it will be on display at Helping Mama's Art Show!

More details: Helping Mamas is an amazing Atlanta non-profit doing incredible work to empower families and organizations in need. They're hosting an Art Exhibit called: A Vision of Unity. All of the art displayed will be student art work and YOUR kid(s) can create it! The art will be matted by Helping Mama's and on display at their event on Saturday, May 13th at The Hudgens Center for the Arts.

Please let us, or Helping Mama's, know if you'd like to participate and we can get you additional details!

Visit Helping Mama's invitation HERE.


  1. This is an excellent idea! We are stopping by to say Happy Seeing Beautiful!

  2. Happy See Beautiful Friday - these young people's art will be a whole lot of seeing beautiful!

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