Sunday, June 12, 2011

Different is Good

How often does something "different" catch your eye? Would you notice this while walking in your neighborhood?

The four-leaf-clover stood right out, like it deserved to be noticed. It screamed, "Notice me. I'm not like all the other clovers. I have extra parts. I'm special." And being different is part of what makes four-leaf-clovers lucky. Being uniquely different is what makes each of us beautiful. Our task is to see that beauty.

Special "lucky" surprise: While searching for fun facts about four-leaf-clovers, I came across something even better: The Four Leaf Clover Blog!!! The writer states that her purpose for creating the blog is to, "spend my life helping animals, the environment, and those in need. This blog is my current method for doing that." And we think it's absolutely beautiful.

Ways to see beautiful:
  • Take off your shoes, play in the grass, and spend some time looking for different. It's beautiful.
  • Visit The Four Leaf Clover Blog and see how one person is making a big difference. It's beautiful too.

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  1. Of Course, YOU, have also been the one to walk outside, bend over, and retrieve a four leafed clover... as you have always been able to quickly see the uniqueness in everyone. That in itself is a gift. Even if we don't have an eye for the 4 leafed clovers... we do have an eye to seek the uniqueness in others. Always keep one eye open.


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