Monday, April 14, 2014

Realize Your Beauty Day

Put it on your calendar. Get excited. Start practicing for Realize Your Beauty Day on April 28th. 
If you start practicing now, well, you'll be a pro come the 28th and will be mentoring others for sure.

If you've been around the block with us, you know about the amazing non-profit, Realize Your Beauty. They were one of our incredible non-profits in 2013 and we are always inspired by the ways they're empowering others. If you're brand new to See Beautiful, well you can easily hop on this band wagon of beautiful by celebrating Realize Your Beauty Day 2014- a day to celebrate what makes you uniquely beautiful.

There are a lot of ways to participate, big and small. So far, they have Girl Scout Troops, University Clubs and Community Groups signed up to take part in the day. You can participate- either as an individual or with a group of friends or students and we highly recommend exploring more ways you can celebrate the day HERE.

Let's celebrate seeing beautiful with Realize Your Beauty on April 28th!!


  1. Thanks for sharing....see beautiful now and on the 28th...:)JP

  2. The 28th and every day (mostly) it is realized/


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