Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did you know you can give the Gift of Life?

Are you registered to be an organ donor? In the United States, more than 86 million people are signed up to give the gift of life to others. The gift of life. The magnitude of those four words is significant, as they represent one of the most powerful ways to see beautiful in the world. One person, giving life to another seems to encapsulate the image of a truly selfless humanity. For those who understand this gift firsthand, either as loving someone who gave the gift, or being a recipient yourself, you recognize the beauty in the decision to become an organ donor. Nothing is the same as you decide that others lives can be lived because of you.
Depending on where you live, here are links to learn more about or sign up for becoming an organ donor (NOTE: after a search, these were prominent websites found):
- United States:
-Within the European Union, each member state regulates organ donation parameters, so check with your local state. The European Training Program on Organ Donation (ETPOD) is working to solidify Europe's donor program. 
While we couldn't find many specific links to countries, we did find the Organ and Tissue Donation Blog that follows "national and international donate life efforts." It is a great resource for the latest news related to organ and tissue donation.


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